Sunday, November 22, 2015

Tenny Cripps


Spider Jim King said...

Dam, bro, you nearly made me spit out my last sip of my Cape Cod. "Jesus!" I thought. "How in the hell does he know Tenny Cripps?!!!"

Then I saw the J-Dubbed and realized I must have used her name on HM at some time in the dim past.

I was partly in love with her in junior high. She was difficult, pretty, and smart. Plus she wore glasses that made her look completely sexy, if a seventh-grader can be considered such. I know I did. She ignored me, of course. As did all girls that year. Then I moved to Texas at age thirteen and girls became much more friendly. MUCH more. Oh, Southern Girls!

I figure I really was in love with her name more than anything else. I still love it.

Who wouldn't? Poetic, at least.

She was much, much prettier than the face you submitted, but who know where she's been and what she's encountered since 1973?. Could be an exact copy by now.

Hope she's doing well. She seemed a bit angry back then. I was, too.

Jay King said...

Had I known she was a real person, I wouldn't have used the name. It sounds like a name you would have invented.

Sher said...

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