Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Gwareet Flambeau

Gwareet Flambeau, dream intruder.


Wes Dawson said...

I've met the bastard more than once in my Zeta House 'dreams.' Goes by a number of names, though I never heard him claim that one. Kip Banyan is what he's going by now. Or was last time I encountered him in the town of Twilight. Turned on the crew that night. We all remember. A number of us never woke up. The sumbitch is a professional Disruptor.

Don't go there. Twilight, that is.

I mean it.

Jay King said...

Ah, the Zeta House. Were those dreams chronicled? I forget.
And who's Wes Dawson?

Spider Jim King said...

Many are being put together in "The Mechanics of Destiny," some parts of which I sent you a couple of years ago. Huge volume of three books on which I started working ten or so years ago. "The Realm" is followed by "Dreamwalkers" and finally, "The Zeta House." It'll take me decades to finish. Wes Dawson is the main character, and is stuck in a destiny for six years in the first book. He is Altus Jardell, Prime Collector in The Realm. He has disturbing dreams that lead him to understand his existence is actually a Zeta House Dream, and to escape it, he must fulfill their destiny.

Well, you asked.

Jay King said...

I remember the basics but thought you spoke it rather than wrote it. I'll have to go back and review.