Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Measle G'dorknell


Measle G'Dorknell said...

What a wonderful likeness!! I am honored. I normally wouldn't have seen your excellent blog, but I'm presently visiting your planet on holiday. We outside your system refer to what you call 'Earth' as T-A One, or TerAq. It's the only planet in this galaxy that can't seem to make up its mind whether it wants to be covered with land or water. TerraAqua, see? I don't like the place much, but I have a small place by a lakeside in Upstate South Carolina, where there are others of my kind. We try to blend in, not a hard task in that part of the Piedmont. I can't give the exact location of our community, due to the poor social habits of your species, but I can let you know we are located between Due West and Honea Path, nodding towards Fifty Six. Our little burg is named Squalid Torpor. Surprised you haven't heard of it. You seem to be a perty stand-up lie-down right-on easy-off kind of Human. If you are such. I don't cast aspersions, as they sink too quickly.

Toodle pip and all that rot, eh wot?

By the way, I'm NOT a robot, despite what YOUR robot says when I post.

Jay King said...

I am so glad you could take the time to visit, inhabit, maybe even take over our little planet. I do hope our Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents do not find and detain you in what must be the booming metropolis of Squalid Torpor, South Carolina. We value the diversity of illegal life forms here in the goodle US of A, and find they have much to teach us about colonizing distant where-evers. Plus, they make good servants.

Measle "The Squeezle" G'Dorknell said...

Yes, we have learned to serve man.


"S'cuse me Miss Mamselle...I'se got to tend dem chilluns..."

Yup, plan's been workin' pretty good so far.