Tuesday, March 04, 2014


King of Carnival


Spider Jim King said...

I can only assume that the King of Carnival's New Orleans doppelganger must have gotten flushed down the street with all the drunken tourists at midnight of Fat Tuesday. (Actually I'm sure he was far away at the time). I've always wanted to have a second-story seat when the debauchery comes to an end in the French Quarter. To see the garbage trucks, phalanx of police, and fire hoses on full blast as the revelry is forced to an end and 'reflective piousness' takes over must be an awesome (and welcome) sight. I was in downtown Salem Mass the day after Halloween, and it made me glad I was twenty-four hours past the Witching Hour. The place was a disaster. I have no problem with debauchery, but I can only imagine what the residents feel like as relative silence rules the following day. Roulez-vous, mon frer!

Jay King said...

I hear the best thing to do is hit the prelim parades in NOLA and then explore the outliers. Want to do that someday.

Your own garbage dream can be easily arranged, but if you want to live vicariously in carnival garbage (and every other kind) you might want to view 'Waste Land." Preview here: http://www.wastelandmovie.com/
If you can stand commercials, view it here: http://www.hulu.com/watch/397079

Jay King said...

Wait! Don't view that preview! Those things always say too much. Just go and see it. Take my word for it, it'll be worth your while.