Friday, March 14, 2014

Mouli Cabasso


Glumphweedle Pistacog said...

Mouli had a thing for grating cheese. Crank that thing, baby. It was the Cabassso that did him in, you know. Such a stinky cheese should be left to others. What others, I don't know.

Jay King said...

1. Almost spelled it Moolie, but opted for the grater of two equals.

2. If there's a stinky cheese called cabasso, it's news to me.

3. It's surely a bad idea to put Kielbasa thru a Mouli.

4. Mouli Cabasso is one of those nonsense things I utter from time to time that means absolutely nothing but rolls off the tongue so well. It's been in my lugsicon fer yearz. Kinda like Glumphweedle Pistacog.

5. What's wrong with us?

Glumphweedle Pistacog said...

In answer to #5, we come from the same crazy Mother.

Thanks, Ma.

I never said anything about kielbasa as far as I know. But I must admit that I always called 'kielbasa' something that sounded like 'cabasso,' mostly because it sounded that way to my eyes as a kid.
Just like the 1965 Nova; its back lights looked like it was saying 'chzzzzh.' so I always called it a chzzzh car. Sorry. A chzzzzh car.
That occurred while watching cars from the corner of our shared driveway at 41/39 Bradford Avenue while Keith Aronson and I swung by our knees from the little Japanese maple tree right there. We each sang the 'Jeopardy' tune as the other swung. While naming cars that passed by while looking at their back lights and imagining what those lights were saying.
The 65 Impala said "OOO OOO."

We also ate moths that we scared from the rhododendrons in the back yard. We thought they were butterflies and that they contained butter. Lap lap.
Thanks, Keith.

And you think 'cabasso' is weird?

And just who the hell are you to make fun of my name??!!!! We Pistacogs have been around for somehineoifnfusjdng fbikskfj!!!

Nonsense, indeed. You will squirm under my boot when I take over the universe.

Mouli Cabasso!

It might well be my stolen battle cry.

That reminds me of another word you haven't used for a while (unless I'm mistaken; that once happened.)

The word is (and it's one of my favorites)


Jay King said...

I could be wrong, but I always though it was spelled blobbergoongus. Uh-oh, I feel something coming on...