Sunday, August 28, 2011

Unseelie Court fey

A darker, mixed race fey,
shunned by the Seelies
for being less than perfect.


Steph said...

Booo to the Seelies!

Farnsworth J. Coliteon III, Treasurer said...

As the duly annointed representative of The Fraternal Order of Seelies, Clytofarn Chapter, I must point out that the fey in question was not shunned for being of mixed race, nor because it was less than perfect. The Shunning of this particular fey was done because it simply did not keep up with its Seelie Union financial obligations. Feys are expected to pay their dues like anyone else. If said fey would bring itself up to date financially, we would gladly discuss reinstatement at Court.

Jay said...

This particular fey's, or for that matter, ANY Unseelie Court fey's past dues to ANY 'Fraternal Order of Seelies' is a moot, I say MOOT subject, since, as has been pointed out, this is an UNseelie Court fey. Unseelie Court feys post no bills and pay no dues to any union. They are free agents and wholly independent. If they WERE to unionize, they would certainly not join any Seelie union, nor would they ever be invited by the hoity toity Seelies to so much as sit down in the same room with the High and Mighty Ones who consider themselves to be the only True Fey. This Unseelie, nay, ALL Unseelies know full well that theirs is the original Fey Realm. Everything began in darkness, not light, and no amount of Seelie propagandizing can erase this reality. You, sir, can take your balance sheets and put them where the sun does not shine.