Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Otis Smurl


Crumpy Cousith said...

Otis Smurl was a conch crusher; you know, one from the old school that used his teeth. That was back when teeth really were teeth.
Otis had a hard time convincing his wife that the conch-crushing business was still viable. The crasch of '63 was bad for the whole industry, but especially for tooth-chompers.
Otis' first customers were, of course, calcimine-chuggers, and those types are really insistent on old-school results. It has something to do with grit. Anyway, they were so pleased with Otis' chonch-chomping abilities that they set him up as the Official Conch-Chomper of the Calcimine-chuggers' Super Bowl.
Mrs. Spurl was delighted. Still is.

Jay said...

I am pleased, Crumpy Cousith, that there is someone such as yourself so thoroughly enlightened as to the particulars of conch chomping. Thank you for sharing your obvious oblivious knowledge.