Tuesday, February 16, 2010

sightless seer

Why is it the visionless are the ones most likely to have visions?


donna malone said...

I found you on flickr. these heads are so amazing! i love drawing and collaging heads and i would love to do clay heads. these are fantastic! well done...would love to know more..about how theyre done etc. all the best, donna

Jay said...

Pick up some polymer clay from the craft store and have at it. It's addictive stuff.

I explain the process in the sidebar. It's a fast process initially, but there are additional steps like sanding the backs, filling the backs, painting and/or varnishing, mounting on black construction paper in order to scan, scanning and then the step that takes the longest - cleaning up the image on the computer. One of these days I'll make a tutorial.

ODD imagination said...

One of these days begins now... I want that tutorial! ;o)

sightless seer - they see because their judgement is not clouded by the things before their eyes. Inner wisdom surfaces.

Jay said...

Excellent answer.