Saturday, February 20, 2010

conk sprite

Part wood nymph, part fungus, they can be found on tree bark by following their whistles.


Conkro Groot said...

Jeez, don't tell ME. I heard that damn whistle and followed it deep into the forest a couple of months ago, and I just got out. Fungus, my butt! It's some sort of hallucinogenic truffle, and once you touch it, you're theirs. I'm not at all sure what happened, but I think I'm newly married. Ihope so, anyway. It would sure explain where all these toad-looking kids came from. Oh, lord, what am I gonna do when she gets BACK???!!!

Jay said...

Dear Mr. Groot,

I would suggest you apply some Lamisil or Lotrimin to your butt fungus.

And stay away from truffles.

- Doctor Frazzle