Monday, December 28, 2009

Nurphlumber Croniflaxx

Naturally, with a speech impediment like his, he had to go into radio.


Son of a Yaskot said...

Must be related to Tom Can't-Say-His-'L's Brokaw, Baba Wahwah, and my most un-favorite, Ron "Pew-las-ki County" Breeding. Somebody should sic the PNA (Polish National Alliance) on his butt. I'm sure if Casimir Pulaski was alive today (and some say he is), he'd have something to say with the business end of his sword.

Jay said...

I nominate you to head the local chapter of the PNA.

Squitbor the Polack said...

I accept. Wonder if there IS a PNA in this town. Lemme know if you find out.