Thursday, November 05, 2009

Guy Fawkes

Caught with 36 barrels of gunpowder underneath the House of Lords. He leapt from the gallows, depriving Britain of his execution.


Splotch Glortnik said...

God, I love the English. We should be more like them, in some ways. What other nation takes the day off and celebrates a terrorist attack on Parliament by shooting off fireworks? Not this one, that's for sure. WE celebrate terrorist attacks by attacking anyone with skin darker than a grocery sack. Remeber those? Grocery sacks? Brown paper bags that.....

oh, forget it.

Pennywise The Clown said...

Ah, yes, the English. The race that wrote sweet songs sung with lutes describing the horrid ways in which the narrator killed his lover. All because she would not marry him. Listen to "The Banks of the Ohio," if you don't believe me. It's taken from an old English ballad.

Just Like "Little Sir Hugh," a light, tittering romp about a group of boys 'playing at the ball,' when said ball sails over the castle wall. Only Hugh has the gall to knock on the door, and when a beautiful woman answers and beckons him inside, he follows.

All the while, sweet, lilting music with incomparable harmonies flow around the listener's ears.

She sits him at a grand table and feeds him sweets.

Then she comes up from behind him and STABS HIM LIKE A SHEEP,
consumating their relationship by throwing his lifeless, blood-drained body down The Old Well.
The sweet music gives us one more chorus to remind us that

.."this song was brought to you by The English."

A belated (and unintended)
Happy Halloween.

See all of you sooner than you think.

We All Float Down Here

Jay said...

Splotch - We also celebrate terrorist attacks by unveiling warships made of 9/11 steel.

Pennywise - I'd like to hear this Little Sir Hugh. And WHO floats down there?

Pennywise said...

All of us float down here; you, me, and The Others. As to Little Sir Hugh, I have the song on a Steeleye Span double album. You're welcome to borry it. Maddie Pryor makes it sound so sweet as the blood drains from his little body..

Jay said...

Maddy could do that. And yes, I'd like to borry that albume. Don't suppose you have a copy of Storm Force Ten? (I understand they just released their 21st studio album.)