Saturday, November 28, 2009


protozoan parasite of the gut
and native of planetoid Crypton


Snookie Ballou said...

Hey! Dat looks like my cousin Joey! Hey Joey! It's me! Snookie! Hey, why werncha down at da pool hall lass night like ya sed? Yaz missed a good time! Me an' Sardo and Bimbo got inta a rollup wit da boys from Spoolgrinder's! It wuz a good fight! Yaz shoulda ben dere! Hey Joey! Doan lookit me like dat when I'm talkin' atcha!

Jay said...

Joey jes wants ya to know he'll be down at Spoolgrinder's today watchin' the Vikings and the Bears. Why dontcha come on down? All da guys'll be glad to see ya. Bygones is bygones.