Sunday, November 19, 2006

Playtendo 3Wee Released

The Playtendo 3Wee video game system hit the stores this morning and garnered somewhat less than spectacular sales, according to an industry spokesman.

"Sales have been somewhat less than spectacular," said Charles P. Harris, vice president in charge of marketing for Playtendo. "We are expecting things to pick up a bit this afternoon, however."

Controversy arose following last week's press release unveiling the 3Wee. Based on poll results, consumers expressed confusion as to whether the game system was a Playstation or a Nintendo product. Spokespersons for Nintendo and for Sony, the manufacturer of the Playstation, declined to comment on the grounds that they, quite simply, weren't sure.

"What's important to keep in mind," said Harris, "is the advanced technology behind the Playtendo 3Wee. It's the only game system out there with both a Blu-Ray drive and a Wee Remote. That sets us apart."

This reporter visited several area retailers and found dazed shoppers camped out in long lines, waiting for the opportunity to purchase one electronic game system or another. Hawkers for the Playtendo 3Wee worked the lines alongside the muggers and pickpockets consumers have come to expect. It is a sales technique that, innovative as it is, may be ahead of its time.

Joe Blow, a beefy Playtendo salesperson. took a few moments to talk to me. "They ain't biting now, but they'll come around. We'll be here as long as the lines are here. Our hundred dollar cash only price tag is just too low for some of these marks to resist. I'll be eating sirloin tonight."


Carlton B. Hindquarters said...

I wuz waitin in line for a game station of some sort when this guy comes up to me and forces me at gunpopint to buy his Three Wee and I had ben waiting so long I sed whut the hell and took the thing home and found out it wuz really a Easy Bake oven that melted all my games and they didn't even taste very good after and now I just sit watching the little twirly thing go round and round which is the most physical activity I have had in the past eight years and now I'm really tired and jist wanna go to bed.

Al E. Yus said...

Caveat emptor.

Carlton B. Hindquarters said...

I tried to eat The Emperor's Cave, but it tasted lousy, too. At least I beat it the third time I played it. Thank God fer ketchip.