Monday, November 13, 2006

Gallery of Icons 5

Best I can tell, this is an unfinished sandstone sculpture of Ah Puch, Mayan god of death. I purchased it from a blind market vendor in Cancun who assured me it came from Tulum. Naturally, I felt guilty at first paying only 400 pesos for such an exquisite example of pre-Columbian art, especially given the fact that the poor man couldn't even see what he had. But I came around to thinking his loss, my gain. To the victor go the spoils. Manifest destiny, etc.

I even got a story to go along with it as to why the carving wasn't completed. The old guy told me whenever the Mayan stonecarvers attempted to carve the likeness of Ah Puch, they would meet some horrible fate. The chisel would slip and sever a vital artery or they'd be struck by lightning or they'd just suffer a massive heart attack and die. Isn't that darling tale? I paid nothing extra for the folklore.

I'm thinking I could take a Dremel and drill out the eyes. What do you think?


Chimpy McGeeHeeHee said...

ABSOULUTELY! But why stop with the eyes? It looks like he needs ears and a great big nose, too. Make sure you use the really sharp bit.

Al E. Yus said...

I'm on it.