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Definitely not one that says "NIH!" said...

Kurganite is actually made from crushed and reconstituted Kurgans, denizens of the northern hemisphere of Donfrey 3. The denizens of the southern hemisphere, known as Splechbrans, actually started the whole thing as a joke on their slow-pated northern brethren, but once the rest of the Donfrey system's inhabitants got a single small taste of Kurganite, all bets were off. Or on, if you lived in the southern hemisphere and made your living from Kurganite. Unknown to the Splechbrands (as well as those in the system with a penchant for the reconstituted Kurgans), Kurganite has recently been discovered to slowly transform its ingestors into small plants the size of young azaleas, and since Donfrey is ruled by The Marquay, a powerful group of intergalactic shrubbers, the Eaters of Kurganite have completed a circle long hoped for by these shrubbers. It was They that began the whole crushing and reconstituting of the Kurgans in the first place.

They didn't really like any of the Donfreyans anyway, especially the Splechbrans, who have a habit of cutting their rhododendrons back too severely.

Let this be a lesson to all, and to all, a good shrub.

Jay King said...

Thanks for the wiki.

P.S. Good band names:

- The Donfrey 3
- (If more than 3: The Donfreyans)
- Reconstituted Kurgans
- Penchant
- Intergalactic Shrubbers
- The Young Azaleas

Jay King said...

Then there is the middenish wiki:

Not Nih (okay it's Pleebarg Umptillion. So Sue Me. said...

I never said I wasn't familiar with the term. I just didn't say I couldn't misuse it.

That is actually a bad regurgitation of a wonderful line from "Quigley Down Under," an epic 'Western' that takes place in The Western Territory of Australia at the turn of the last century. Alan Rickman plays the evil ranch owner in a near perfect reprise of his role in "Die Hard." Tom Selleck does his best work ever. I highly recommend it for Human viewing. You'd have to see the climax scene to understand the line. I use a reasonable facsimile in my latest work "The Adventures of Shrink McCool: The Wormtrove." Sorry, that should have been underlined and not parenthesized, but your fine blog allows that not. Or I have not learned your Terrestrial Ways enough o accomplish this goal.

On a bit of the same note, wouldn't "Reconstituted Kurgans" (the name of my newest band, thanks and sorry for the thievery) be a great idea for a short story? An archaeologist discovers a scattering of kurgans and accidentally brings their occupants back to life with strange results. An old saw, perhaps, but with newly sharpened teeth. I may use it. If you don't mind.

Jay King said...

Whom I to claim it? You done dreampt it. And a damn fine dream it is, too.