Thursday, September 03, 2015



Spider Jim King said...

Subjugger? Does it subjugate? It's the only association I can make on your verbiage. I have been known to go awry at times on this take, whatever that means.

Looks rather golemish to me.

But golems don't really subjugate, do they? They're slaves to those with specific intent. And spells. And scrolls, with which they feed them.

I do mine, anyway.

Jay King said...

He subjugates on account of he himself is subjugated. That's usually the way it works.

And regardless of their characters, all deez guyz are golems. Tiny little golems.

Spider Jim King said...

They must feed on tiny little scrolls.

I'll keep an eye out for tiny little subjugators. Though they might be more common in Floridar.