Friday, June 12, 2015



Clyde Barrow said...

Roy Smalley, looks like. Yes, I know there's a baseball player with the same name. Different guy. This one was a quiet, rodent-like being. Stepped on by others all his life. Took it and took it and took it. Then one night he'd had enough. Robbed eighteen banks in a row, never came close to getting caught. Retired to Belize, became a Mayan. Looks like one, anyway. Found a way to make himself blend in with the indigios.

Got no idea where to find him.

Somewhere in the mangroves.

Good idea.

Jay King said...

Wot you mean, Clyde, you got no idea?
In the mangroves with the indigios, you sayd.
Seems we only gots to find those and Smalley'll be nearby.

And myohmy but those 17 open wounds make you look a whole lot slimmer.

Clyde said...

So why you want to find him, anyway? He never did nothin' t' you.

Jay King said...

I reckoned they'se a REward. Plus I got this here baseball I want him to sign.