Thursday, May 21, 2015



Chuzzi Fundido said...

Dolo, alone
Mondo, the world

The world alone?
Us alone in the world?
The world versus..everyone?
A lone world adrift among others? Or not?


ya make me think.

Jay King said...

Just popped into my head. I put it into the translator and it came up "malice world" in Italian. For some reason, dolo can mean malice or fraud in Italian, so I figured what the hell, all I was after was the sound anyway... Never found anything about alone.

I'm afraid your name, Chuzzi, will be entered into the Dubbist vocab and your identity stolen. Sorry about that, but it's the price you pay for commenting.

Chuzzi Fundido said...

And a fine price it is, at that. I only this week looked at the "J-Dubbed" category. I missed most of those when they posted. Or was drunk when I did whatever to cause a 'J-Dubbing.' I must try to be more attentive.

As to my own name, I get everything from molten to shattered to pooped out to spoiled brat. But I like to think I'm actually faded.

As to Chuzzi, you're on your own. It might be Hindi, I dunno.

Jay King said...

All grist for the proverbial mill.

Chuzzi Fundido said...

I prefer my proverbs whole rather than ground, thank you. Though that might be an impossibility. Is grist that which comes out or that which goes in? "Grist mill" versus "woolen mill" or "lumber mill." Let's face it, wool and trees go in and fabric and lumber come out. That's no answer. So what, corn goes in and grist comes out? Why have I never seen a bag of grist in the market?
So the same must be said of a proverbial mill. Or would that be a proverb mill?

I need to stop now. My head hurts.

Jay King said...

Orwell called it part of "a huge dump of worn-out metaphors which have lost all evocative power and are merely used because they save people the trouble of inventing phrases for themselves."

Beware: You can get lost in that Phrase Finder.