Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Easy Breezy McSqueezy

Easy breezy b-day, Dub.


Spider Jim King said...

Mercy, mercy.

This little bum's thankin' you in French, y'know.

Or as close as I come to it.

Roy Harper's goin' on in the background as I write; something about him and his woman.

I owe you for that as well.

Jeez, fifty-five. How the hell did I make it this far?

And how do I expect to make it to sixty-four?

That's where Billyboy will be next year. Mebbe we should get him a little cottage on the Isle of Wight. If it's not too dear.

Jay King said...

Didja know Roy Harper's son is just five years younger than you? He's definitely his father's son.