Tuesday, November 04, 2014


Poor guy ran into Randolph Carter 
on the midway of the Zarkanian Squeaky Fair.


Kuranes said...

Ah but it really wasn't Randolph Carter, you know. Randolph Carter disappeared inside a strange clock with four hands and hieroglyphs in place of numbers on a strange night in 1932 New Orleans. Of course, the legal scholars of the day insist that he really disappeared on October 7th, 1928, when he was last seen in his fully human form. Still others say he reigns on the throne of Ilek-Vad still. Either way, whoever spoke to Squat McComb on the Midnight Midway of the Zarkanian Squeaky Fair, trading guru-paste and chocolatized cotton-candy strands with that beach ball of a man, was certainly NOT Randolph Carter. He lied.
Still, it is an excellent likeness of McComb.

Jay King said...

At least I didn't call him Randy. Or Biff.

Kuranes said...

Good call.