Monday, August 18, 2014

needlessly heedless


Menthol Headgame said...

Yes, that's a song by Causeway, Mills and Stash. I members it well...

Needlessly heedless, he walked to caulk gun and slapped it
Causing it to fall.
Properly opting to crawl in the hallway, he orders
Pizza for us all.

And cheats, eating just meat.

They are

A head of all the

Bees that linger on the

Sea bottom waiting for

Dee Murray.

At least I think that's how it went. I was rather stoned at the time. It was the seventeens, after all.

Jay King said...

Glad you got the reference. Those seventeens were heady daze, eh?

Oustilla Thorakick said...

Heady daze, indeed. Daze of unused.

Jay King said...

Now that I have had the reference become clear in my own noggin, I shall properly opt to choke on farewell.