Thursday, October 31, 2013

Octoberist 31


ennovyennovy said...

bon Halloween Jay

Spider Jim King said...

A great one for The Day.

I'm celebrating the Eve of All Hallows by staying the Hell out the second floor. I'm not kidding. The house is 323 years old, I've been here for eleven nights, and I simply will not go up there at night.

Things with your Octoberist faces live up there, I'm sure.

I'm not kidding.

Jay King said...

Merci, mon ami.

Jim, have you heard things? Seen things? Sensed things? Are there Standishes present?

Spider Jim King said...

Dunno. Won't go up there.

Maybe after I vacuum.

At night? I doubt it.

I hafta go up there tomorrow to stow things. Thin light, old smells. People used to be kept up there.

I especially don't like the closet. I'll send pics.