Saturday, August 18, 2012

Molvo and Queeb

You remember them.


Catain Cheese Stash said...

Oh, do I! We all three served together under Capt'n Severhead of the Vendetta, a bark out of the Dry Tortugas. That was back in fifteen eighty something. Arrgh, but we was a dreadful crew! Took on at least four Spanish ships that year, all five times our size. Allus used the same ploy; act like we was in trouble, then lead 'em onto the shoals. Got rich quick, we did. Queeb allus wanted to kill ev'ryone on the ships so's Molvo could eat 'em. Old Severhead would have none o' that, I can tell you. Said he'd have to share with eve'ryone, and with Molvo's appetite that wasn't likely. Last time I saw them they stole an English man o' war and was sailing it due west out of Kingston. We thought they'd get nicked right off, but it turned out they'd had a feast with the crew the night before, if you get my meanin'. There warn't no pursuit.
Them was the days.

Jay King said...