Saturday, July 07, 2012


Neither brother to Cain and Abel, 
nor the Egyptian god of chaos, 
this is the Seth who claimed that you 
- yes, you
create your own reality.


Not Seth Either said...

Also Not Rogen nor Macfarlane, either. Though it is apparent that Green has created a completely separate reality for others with "Robot Chicken."

Jay King said...

I see you are attracted to the lesser Seths. As for Moi, I am speaking of the Upper Crust Seths, the Seths of antiquity and noble bearing. Get thee hence, oh rabble lout.

Not Seth of the Upper Crust Seths Either said...

Three hens? What am I supposed to do with three hens?

Jay King said...

For all I care you can pluck one, cluck one, and and do lewd and lascivious things with the last one.