Tuesday, June 07, 2011



Boer said...

Ma found me asleep on the refrigerator one night in Montclair; scared the bejesus out of her. She found me walking out the front door in Sea Girt, and a week later found me halfway down the street going towards the woods. Stone cold asleep, I was. She didn't sleep so good because of me. That was before I woke up naked in the woods a couple of miles from the State Asylum for the Criminally Insane near Marlboro New Jersey. I was in a YMCA camp. Of course I had no idea how I got there, what state I was in, or which direction to go. I lived in Texas for chrissakes.

But that's another story entirely.

Jay said...

That's a long sleepwalk.
And, as much of surprise it must've been to find you asleep on top of the fridge, wouldn't it have been fun if she found you asleep inside of it?

Boer said...

Yes, she'd have had quite a laugh to find my stone cold dead body there. Ha. Ha.