Monday, April 04, 2011

The Next Leader

more of the same


Sick Jim said...

Oh, I don't know. Kinda looks like Alien Dave. You know:

Alien Dave, Alien Dave
You've never seen nothin like Alien Dave
When he speaks you don't know what he meant
So next year he'll run for President.
He'll be the best one that we've ever had yet
With new ideas from the planet Glumfrecht
We'll all be wearin' antenae I'll bet
Oh you never seen nothin like


...Alien Dave

Jay said...

I take issue. There hasn't been a new idea coming from the planet Glumfrecht since the Siskatoon-Afarkian Reformation.

The Sick One said...

Well, there's that.

But those ideas, archaic as they are, are still light years ahead of any we have here. Light centuries, if some of our newer elected officials are to be listened to.

Which, needles to say, they should not.