Sunday, August 08, 2010

stone girl

She's a new type, only about 30 percent Sculpey. The rest is stone. Unfortunately, these come off much better in your hand than they do scanned and loaded onto the computer. The less defined eye is actually very well defined. But it's so deep it blurs when scanned.

I've made a couple dozen of these so far. Some have faces on both sides of the stone. In searching out worthy stones, I zero in on those that have natural cavities into which I can shape the clay. After baking in the stone, the face is popped out and J-B Welded back in. When it's set, more clay is added to help blend it into the stone, baked again, then painted.

You can't really do anything with them. They're too heavy for jewelry and their backs are irregular. They sure are a lot of fun to make, though.

More to come.

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