Monday, April 12, 2010

Shroomster Boss


Casptain Cheese Stash said...

I was the Shroomster Boss on the famous Bastrop Expedition of 4-30-76. Set the tone for the rest of the year at J.A. Ludicrous High, I can tell you. I remember running from the bulls and the shotgun-toting redneck, all of us nervously waiting for Sherri V.D.,and carrying bags so heavy with fungi that my back nearly broke. I saw The Universe and Beyond that night. Almost killed one of my soldiers that day. Idiot wouldn't drop when cars passed as we collected. What a maroon. He's probably dead somewhere. But all of us made it and our bounty made the rest of that summer quite a bit more colorful.

Hail Atlantis!

Jay said...

Hey. Get your own blog.