Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jobs disciple

entranced by MacHacky


Mister Smarty Pants said...

I know Apple is popular, but does the head guy really need DISCIPLES?

I mean, this new I-Thingy doesn't make calls, has a lousy v-keyboard, and can't be written upon. Does it play movies? No, you must hook it to a laptop or DVD player. Take pictures? No. Does it go online? Sure, through ATT, with optional APPS. If I want a doorstop, I'll buy a gallon of Thompson's Water Seal, thank you very much. Sounds like an I-Flop to me.

Unless you're talking about the biblical dude with the sores and trials and tribulations and all that.

In that case, I can't help you.

Jay said...

It is what it is and it ain't what it ain't. It's basically a reader with input capabilities. Moreover, it's a start, the same way the iPhone was when it came out, which wasn't much til developers created apps for it.

Whatsit ain't? A camera. A phone. A DVD player. Who needs another camera when every cell phone does that already? It CAN be a phone if your want to use SKYPE and pay next to nothing for calls, but again, we all have cell phones already. And it ain't made to view movies, either, though you'll be able to stream video over 3G (won't be quality) or WiFi. Yeah, sticking with AT&T is a mistake, but it won't be forever and it doesn't come with a contract.

And if folks don't like the virtual keyboard they can plug a real one into it.

Hey, it may not live up to the hype, but it looks like a pretty good machine that has the potential to become a lot more. It ain't no doorflop.

And he doesn't need them, but as long as there's armies of the smartypants ilk wielding pitchforks and torches whenever the man makes his one stinking appearance a year, I say let him have disciples to fend 'em off. Touché!

Jay said...

And no, it can't be written upon, but there's always this.

Mr. Smartypants said...

I like the video. I believe in pen and ink. No batteries, no plastics, no Indonesian children tied to tables until they finish their work. Well, I have some of those, but YOU shouldn't. And Steve probably doesn't, either. As to his suppliers, I don't know.

I believe in BOOKS. I can hold them, fondle them, throw them across the room. I can throw them away (I never have) or, best of al, give them to others in a dogeared, hand-to-hand contion. I don't need a subscription or to download them. They don't work in the dark, but neither do I Readers without power.

I doubt there will ever be used IPad stores.

And as far as the I-Thing is concerned, you got it right. It is what it is.

Jay said...

Used book stores are getting pretty rare, too, these days..