Monday, October 19, 2009

Trick-or-Treater 13


WondrousStrange said...


Have not had time to play with your faces yet...look at them everyday waiting for them to speak to me...telling me how they will fit into one of my creations.

You ask about the finishes...I think I like the shiny finish...but both change the identity of the face. Will give you more feed back when I use them in a project.

They are so unique!

Jay said...

Thanks for the input on the finish. I got some good tips recently from Shain Erin
about how to apply the varnish (use one coat, never more than two; brush as little as possible, don't handle for 24 hours..) and I'm ready to have another go at the stuff.

Still not quite ready for Etsy. I need to get another scanner first, one that will record truer colors.
I'll let you know when it comes together.