Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Flip Jibbit

easily distracted clown school dropout


ODD imagination said...

I dunno - I guess I just find you to be an exceptional genius. Flip Jibbit - where did THAT come from? It makes me laugh!
What polymer clay do you use and why?
I love Fimo and Cernit and Premo for different reasons.
I am totally in love with your color mixing.

Jay said...

1. Damned if I know where any of it comes from. I do know the name has been swimming around in my noggin for some time.

2. Hard polymers like Fimo and Polyclay don't work for what I do. The clay has to be soft enough to press into and lift out of molds fairly easily. (My molds are Sculpey.) I do use Premo, but mostly Sculpey III. I know a lot of polymer clay artists frown on white Sculpey, but I often mix it in to soften and lighten. I made hundreds of faces using nothing but white Sculpey when I first started doing this, and I paint then and put them up from time to time, but I much prefer mixing the colors these days.
I've never used Cernit before. I like how it can look like porcelain, but suspect it's pretty hard in its uncured state.

3. My color mixing is largely the result of chance. The positioning of color patterns to the molds is where a lot of the choice comes in. Other choices come in deciding what elements of additional molds can be 'pressed' into service and how to trim out the piece with a razor blade.

I appreciate the compliment coming from one who works so well in polymer clay, but whatever genius I have in me is tempered by all the truly talented toy artists who came up with the critters I borrow features from.